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Metaverse Season Pass

Earn rewards by holding IGMs or dedicated Season Pass NFTs.

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Navigate the Metaverse economy with Fief

Fief creates protocols that bring utility and liquidity to the expanding metaverse.

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Guild Rewards

Each Fief protocol feeds fee rewards back into the guild, rewarding holders of Fief land and the Fief Token.


Fief Protocols are designed to plug into game economies, providing an unmatched user experience.

Global Utility

Fief's goal is to bring compounding utility and rewards to third-party game assets. Project access to Fief's protocols is whitelist-only.


Join The Farmers

Earn fee rewards from Core Resource Gathering activity associated with land gameplay. In time, Farmers will earn rewards from protocols associated with virtual worlds and land.

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Build With Craftsmen

Earn fee rewards on all crafting activity associated with land gameplay. In time, Craftsmen will earn rewards from protocols associated with in-game NFTs.

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Monetize With Merchants

Earn fee rewards on transaction activity on the Fief Marketplace, the first NFT marketplace dedicated to metaverse and in-game assets.

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Experiment With Alchemists

Earn fee rewards from Conjuring activity associated with land gameplay. In time, Alchemists will earn rewards from the guild's more experimental DeFi protocols.

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Rejoice With Bishops

Earn fee rewards on all of Fief's fungible token protocols, including FIEF staking and swap markets dedicated to Fief Resources, whitelisted in-game currencies, and more.

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Wage Economic Warfare

Fief: Blood and Coin introduces economic strategy gameplay users can take control of a plot of land within the guild city of Vitruvia. Each plot of land is a dedicated NFT.

Secure your plot of land today by purchasing an IGM or wait for the land sale on Ethereum later this year.


Fief Token

The Fief Token (FIEF) is a utility and reward currency that ties into the productivity of Fief's decentralized protocols. FIEF is the primary currency for all purchases on the Fief platform.


Partner with Fief and advance out of the Dark Ages


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