Welcome to the FIEF Guild

Fief is the first economic guild of the metaverse, building games and protocols for gamers, NFT collectors, and more.

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for Gamers

Fief's mission is to make trading assets in the metaverse accessible.

To achieve this goal, we are developing protocols and games to onboard, educate and support millions of NFT gamers.

Purchase an IGM or Season Pass and gain access to exclusive drops,
NFT sales, and more.

For NFT Collectors

Fief understands the power of the collector economy. So much so that we've designed the Metaverse Season Pass with collectors in mind.

for Traders

Fief is developing open and accessible protocols that bridge the gap between decentralized finance and the metaverse.

For Game Projects


Plug into Fief to build your NFT game. From marketing to product integration, Fief is here to support you.


Launch individual asset collections or entire metaverse economies natively inside of Fief.


Attract liquidity and users through Fief's decentralized protocols.

For Guilds

Fief believes that gaming guilds will become the vehicle of adoption across the metaverse.

We are developing infrastructure and tooling to support guilds to secure users, liquidity and non-scholarship sources of revenue.